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Provides Training and Performances in Indian Classical Dances and Carnatic Music​​
About Nrityasree
Nrityasree Dance & Music is founded for promoting Indian cultural awareness in U.S  through the media of classical dances and music . We believe that the cultivation of the arts are very important to the development of young, growing minds. Dance and music have influenced thousands of lives across the globe, and we strive to help those with a  passion for the arts recognize their potential.

At Nrityasree Dance Academy, we strive  to educate students about the history and importance of Indian classical dance and music. Our aim is to showcase the various forms of Indian classical dance including Bharatnatyam, Mohoniyattam, Kathak and Kuchipudi across the world, educating others on the art of dance. We would like to see Indian art forms being performed and appreciated in places that have not been exposed to this exuberant culture. Dance forms that were created thousands of years ago are to be celebrated by today’s generation, and by future generations as well.  
About the founder and Director:
Nrityasree Dance & Music was founded by Mrs. Lekha Das for promoting Indian cultural awareness in Unites States.  Mrs. Das was interested in dance and music from her childhood and has attained formal training in Indian classical dances. As a hobby, she has been choreographing dances  for children and adults and  for promoting Indian cultural heritage. By establishing Nrityasree Dance & Music, Mrs. Das will be able to provide opportunity to those who are passionate about learning these ancient Indian art forms. It has been proven that learning classical dances and music at a young age will not only instills discipline but also promotes mental, intellectual and physical well-being. Moreover, dancing is a fun way of getting good exercise, confidence, focus and relaxation. Nrityasree’s training will be focusing on teaching this easy and fun way of getting happiness, and help the young generation for leading a fulfilling life.
Instructor: Kalamandalam Sreeranjini is an accomplished classical dancer and musician from Kerala, India. She was born into an artistic family: daughter of renowned Kathakali Chenda player Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan and Kalamandalam Sudha, a Mohiniyattam Dancer. Sreeranjini was introduced to Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam under the guidance of her mother at a very tender age. She holds bachelor’s degree in Carnatic Music from Kerala Kalamandalam University, a premiere institution imparting training and conducting performances of the indian classical arts.  At Kalamandalam, Sreerajini learned Kuchipudi from several Gurus including Guru Vempatti Chinna Sathyam and his son Guru Vempatti Ravi Shanker. After getting her degree in Carnatic music, she continued her passion for Kuchipudi dance and obtained a master’s degree from Hyderabad Central University.
Artist Kalamandalam Sreeranjini is blessed with talents for both classical dance and Carnatic music. Traditional classical dance performance with its embodiment of cultural values, gives people an opportunity to reconnect to their heritage and ethnic roots. As the dancer begins to move, she uses gestures to tell the dancer’s story.  Her hand gestures can represent anything from everyday objects and animals to a whole range of emotions. The eye movements and facial expressions capture the audience's attention. Some of the dances that Ms. Sreeranjini has choreographed blend in the uniqueness of different classical forms, thus creating new dance forms that take the audience to an enchanting world.